Distill cooking solar vacuum tubes water Solar Power parabolic trough mirror kit

parabolic trough solar power uses sunlight along a linear beam to concentrate, to focus on the evacuated solar tube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jL_mz …

http://bit.ly/Ybpoy2 solar Stirling systems – Uses the sun Free Electricity Revolutionary Invention Create! This is a new method of generating free energy … Video Rating: 5/5

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  1. nlewis1111 says:

    Thank you for your videos. Have you tried the solar oven from: truckcitycbgps? I have a couple of videos as I larger vacuum tube furnace with her. Look under my username.


    Vertical requires a heliostat tracking device. If it horizontally platzierenEast West and you just have to adjust for seasonal so positioning. Diespäter is less efficient as you can in the AM and PM lose about 20-30%.

  3. Bean Keillor says:

    how often do you have to have to position the trough new?

  4. eyehavetogo says:

    Pretty impressive heat, and the tip of the tube is not even in the focal area.

  5. Capt. John's Bar says:

    So cool ….


    @ RicochetVendetta LOL, the music I originally was funny.

  7. flamedrag18 says:

    how much do the evacuated tubes cost?

  8. ricochetVendetta says:

    It’s like solar Porn?

  9. Mickey Smith says:

    @ Lostburro I just thought – the pump is gravity fed and will be solltevor the mirror.

  10. pleasanthacking says:

    hey, I am very health conscious, I wonder, the film works in the metallic tube is on the inside that touches the water or out of spray inner wall (outside-glass vacuum-film-glass inside)?

  11. John Doe says:

    Has anyone successfully evacuated solar tubes to provide enough steam to a steam turbine erzeugenfür? I’m interested in this as an undergrad Projektfür the university. Perhaps a battery adjacent to one another in the focus of a large parabolic reflector, which can be tracked to the sun. The steam would reuse to reisenein Tesla turbine, and then condensed in a condenser. Any thoughts?

  12. KyleCarrington says:

    @ Kryptiea … unless of course your part of the world, the hot genießtWasser! : P

  13. KyleCarrington says:

    Glad you are okay. This is an impressive device!

  14. Aqua Elektro Service says:

    I’m not sure, but women will love the end of this video?


    Hello, Part A we use on our site green power science com and listed in reflective material. Part A is a good choice. Do cut (Worldwide Shipping) Zurin strip: watch v = Q90i31JIQ3M Thank you enjoy our videos. Dan


    They are made of solar water heater, you are each about $ 20, but almost impossible to safely ship. Smaller are much easier.

  17. Mickey Smith says:

    @ Lostburro I’m with you on that … I’m trying to figure out the same thing … Is it possible that these work like a vacuum and pull the water biswie it cooks?

  18. momoz88 says:

    What are the advantages of concentrated solar water heater vs. not concentrated, for example, only with vacuum tubes without concentration sunbeams on it?


    :-) Thanks for the nice comment.

  20. ytams1 says:

    The expansion of the hot air can make a turbine or Stirling engine. A small electric fan may be able to work as a turbine.

  21. upcycle says:

    means parabala mirror focus the energy from certain angle optimized? If energy reach the tube when it comes from other angles?

  22. Buzz Werd says:

    Try a deep parabola so the sunlight comes from the sides as you gut.Verwenden method to draw locus Y = X ^ 2. Focus on the curve distance is always = Yder curve. Draw horizontal lines then measure from the focus to find each line diefängt. If the focus is Y = 20, will be the lower Y = 10. KönnenSie paint aluminum flashing as a beverage can lower fire starter? Another shiny metal source soda / beer cans. Sub-label aluminum coated. MalenEntferner and fine steel wool gets from the color.

  23. Joao Filipe says:

    I have some difficulties arose on the acquisition of reflective tape. i bougt einAluminium and silver was a different, but both are not not reflect well. könnenSie please help me? there is a special one in the market? From Portugal .. love your work. Thanks to João Filipe tourosentado75@hotmail.com

  24. joe citizen says:

    Hey Dan! You do great job man … Thanks to the kid in me! I had a question, if you do not mind. I wanted so much steam as possible and make thought of two things. 1) if I put together in a trough, you assume it would produce more water heated for 2 or 3 heating tubes inSerie? 2) if I have the heater pipe from a piece of square tubing, the input / output upwards, half full with water, steam, to get more put less water? a little more surface area also? Maybe? Thank you

  25. youssef sadek says:

    how can I an evacuated tube of a parabolic mirror in Egypt

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