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New US-China Solar Panel Business Case Gets Nod ITC to continue investigation concerning … China’s production and pricing of solar modules. SolarWorld, the plaintiff sees the scope of the basic duty to zoom finding – claiming that Chinese module manufacturers are able to use cells in their Taiwanese … Read more on Greentech Media
Who trusts Marcia McNutt? After tell us their environmentalist cred – she drives a hybrid car and has solar panels on their house! – Marcia McNutt, Editor-in-Chief of Science … At least, the current approval process and should be used to ensure that the Keystone XL will … Read more on ScienceBlogs (blog)
study shows such as resource scarcity threatens clean-tech industries can seinUntersuchen commodity markets, the report notes, lithium and cobalt minerals in electric car batteries and solar cells is used, standing before the most severe supply shortages. And it recognizes that the geopolitical tensions lead to shortages of rare earths … Read more at Business Green